How It Ever Came To Be

from by John Fallon



Hey as we sit here on the sofa
Hey as we sit by the TV
I wonder how it ever happened
I wonder at it all
I wonder how it ever came to be

Hey as we gaze into each other
Hey as we gaze into our dreams
I think to myself what a wonderful world
I think to myself oh yeah what a girl
I think to myself how it ever came to be

And if there's ever a moment
when things aren't looking so good
We try to get it together
Just like we should

Hey will you do the light fandango
Hey will you dance the merry way
Will you wait for me by the apple tree
Will you be my month of May
Will you sing for me whenever I'm away


from At The Tinderbox Cafe, London, released July 17, 2001
Voice and guitar: John Fallon
Recording owned by the Virtually Acoustic Club, London
Words and music by John Fallon



all rights reserved